Preventative Healthcare

Preventative healthcare is the most important service we can provide for your pet. Identifying a problem at an early stage increases the chances for successful treatment and is often less expensive.  Preventative healthcare includes vaccines, yearly fecal analysis, comprehensive exams, and routine dental care. Establishing baseline blood values can be very helpful if your pet ever becomes ill.  This allows the veterinarian to see what was normal for your pet and compare to these values to any abnormal values - not all abnormal values are truly abnormal.   Yearly bloodwork for mature pets is recommended  to screen for common diseases that may not be clinically evident in the early stages.

In our older pets radiographs and ultrasound are non-invasive methods to screen for diseases such as cancer, kidney or liver disease and arthritis.  If caught early, many of these diseases can be treated and increase not only the longevity of your pets life but the overall quality of life as well.