What to Expect

Dr. Liz Gray is a veterinarian with a masters degree in animal behavior and a certification in dog training through the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA). She has a special interest in applied companion animal behavior, and has been practicing within this field for the last 15 years. Dr. Gray’s focus is on pathologic behaviors in companion animals, behavioral pharmacology, as well as differentiating between behavioral and physical problems in our companion animals. Dr. Gray also works as the behaviorist and one of the veterinarians at the Humane Society of Central Oregon.   

Most behavior consultations will last between 1-2 hours, depending on the problem. The cost for the consult is $300. The initial fee includes a full written summary of the visit, a physical examination if indicated, as well as 3 months of email follow up. If behavioral medications are prescribed, a blood panel may be recommended. Recheck appointments after 1-2 months and then every 6 months thereafter are usually recommended but not required. The cost of the recheck is $100. The summary of the appointment can be sent to your general practice veterinarian as well as your trainer if applicable.   

Although the behavior consultation will include some discussion of training techniques, an ongoing relationship with a trainer is almost always recommended and necessary for significant improvement. For this reason, some clients may find it useful to consult a dog trainer prior to scheduling a consultation with Dr. Gray. Pawsitive Experience (Meredith Gage) and Dancin’ Woofs are good force-free training centers in the Bend area. Friends for Life is another good option in Redmond. Dr. Gray does not routinely recommend punitive or corrective techniques (such as choke chains, e-collars, etc) as scientific studies have repeatedly proven many of these methods to be harmful.   

Dr. Gray does not consult with clients on the phone or via email prior to the in-person consultation, however specific questions may be directed to the reception staff at Brookswood Animal Clinic. No guarantees are made about the results of the behavior consultation, as the results will largely depend on each owner’s ability and time to manage and work with their pet, as well as the pet’s temperament and the severity of the concern.    

Please note: If you wish to see a boarded veterinary behaviorist, the nearest practitioner is in Portland at the Animal Behavior Clinic. Fees and services are listed here: http://animalbehaviorclinic.net/services/. A boarded veterinary behaviorist has completed a 3-4 year long residency and sat for a national board examination in this field. Dr. Gray is not a boarded veterinary behaviorist