Is your dog ready for FIREWORKS?
Jun 03, 2015
Thunder storms are already here and the Fourth of July is fast approaching - if your dog suffers from noise anxiety act now.

    So, my pet needs a dental. What can I expect?
Feb 23, 2015
As a follow-up to the previous blog on dental disease, here are some details of what you may expect when your pet comes in for a dental cleaning.

    Dirty Mouth? Clean it Up!
Jan 26, 2015
"Dirty mouth? Clean it up!"  If only it were as simple as popping a piece of gum to our pets to maintain good oral health (as the Orbitz commercials would have us believe)... In reality, our pets...

    February is Pet Dental Health Month
Jan 22, 2015
Time to gather your furry family members and take a good look (and smell) at what is going on in their mouths - you may be suprised what you see!

    Creating an environment for successful outcomes
Nov 11, 2014
By Ruth Loomis, DVM
In my last post I talked about my goal for creating a fear-free practice. Let's talk more about what it means to set our patients up for success. 

    What it means to me to offer a practice that's fear free
Oct 22, 2014
By Ruth Loomis, DVM
Practicing veterinary medicine is my passion but when I first started my career over nine years ago, I never intended to be a practice owner. I just wanted to focus on honing my medical skills to become an excellent veterinarian and leave the stresses of running a clinic to someone else.  How things have changed since then.

    Cascade Business News
Southwest Bend Neighborhood Welcomes Veterinary Clinic...
Oct 05, 2014
 Word is starting to spread! We're looking forward to a November opening date! Stay tuned...

    Arthritis in our older pets
Aug 27, 2014
Dr. Ruth Loomis, DVM
Arthritis is one of the most common health issues that affects our older pets.  Signs of arthritis can be subtle but if addressed early can make a big difference in our pet's quality of life.  There are a number of options available to alleviate the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. 

    Dr. Ruth Loomis Starts Brookswood Animal Clinic
Aug 21, 2014
Dr. Ruth Loomis opens Brookswood Animal Clinic this fall to serve River Rim community and all of Bend.

  2017 Brookswood Animal Clinic
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